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Office Chair Blue
  • Brand: White Crow
  • Product Code: stello boss
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The white crow mesh task chair back is an innovative combination of ergonomics, structure and design. The black open-weave mesh lets air circulate for comfort. It is reinforced in the lumbar area with three ribs that p rovide lower back support and strengthen the open-weave meshing. The back is supported with a brushed-metal grill-and-pan structure that provides a focus for the chair and ties the back together with the seat and arms. The upper back of the black task c hair is rear-angled to provide a reclining position in conjunction with armrests that can be tilted upward in a 4-inch range.

Component Assets
The chair provides other comforts and aesthetics. T he contoured, slope-front seat is upholstered in a black close-weave mesh fabric and can be height-adjusted by 4 inches. The pivoting platform armrests are also upholstered in close-weave mesh with a thickly padded underlayment. The base of the adjustab le-arms task chair has a brushed-metal cap with reinforced foot supports and twin-wheel, carpet-friendly casters.

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